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The toilet

The loo, the bog, the crapper, the craphouse, the throne, the can, the john/jill, the privy, or simply, the toilet.

Yes, this has been the sanctuary for many a man (or woman).  A place of solitude where one can be with their thoughts, pondering the next big thing, or simply emptying out.  Personally, I do all my best thinking here.  I get my ideas, plan the day, figure out solutions to stuff, etcetera.  My wife probably doesn’t like it as much as I usually come out saying “Babe!  I want to buy (insert expensive techno product here)”, or “hey why don’t we do xyz  blah blah blah”, and then she gets a little bleak with me as I rap of my ideas like a hyperactive 6 year old with Turrets.  But hey, it could be worse.

I’d like to say that Einstein solved the E=MC2 calculation on the bog, but that’s probably not true.  However I’m pretty darn sure that some really interesting discoveries were made in this environment of immense mental stimulation, but I’m yet to find any.  This morning though, while sitting on the lav and thinking about this post (you see, it’s working already!!) I thought about the great time I will have with my incoming friends from South Africa.  It would have been good form to write that down, but then the advice from my wife about using my phone while releasing came to mind.  Shes a hygiene conscious nurse and thinks using the phone with “contaminated” hands is not the greatest idea.  I’ll revert back to the previous behaviour again I’m sure.

If you too are like me and use this “think tank” as a place to give birth to great ideas (or other things), comment below on what wonders have emerged from your time of peace and reflection on the throne.

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