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Olympic (not so) awesomeness

So, it’s been some days since the end of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Many jeered at the thought of such a thing happening, and others welcomed the fact that it finally made it’s way to South America. It was full of controversy leading up to the games and unfortunately ended that way too, since Interim President Michel Temer decided he had better things to do than show his face at the closing ceremony. Pillick.

There were also loads of highlights from the games. Many world records broken, lives changed and dreams achieved. However, I can’t help but think that one memory will be stuck with most of us non-Brazilians for years to come, that will shape our opinion of the Brazilian people.

The booing.

If anyone has ever read any tourism blurbs about Brazil, you would have read that they are a loving, and passionate people. I’d agree with that sentence mostly, but what is definitely true is that that passion comes through in spades when you mention the word ‘football’.

I’m not Brazilian, but I do live in Brazil, and I have become accustomed to hearing this travesty of booing during football games. Brazilians love to cheer for a team and pour hate on the other. This was even evident when during a boxing match there was no Brazilian contestant, but the judge was, so he received all the support they could muster. Quite entertaining actually. This love/hate relationship is taken pretty seriously. So after having spoken to many Brazilians regarding this topic, I found it quite interesting to hear their perspectives, which vary widely.

Some believe that “This is our culture. We do this in football, and it is ‘acceptable’ there so it is by extension acceptable everywhere.” The rest are ashamed, very ashamed.

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