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The leader of the free world

“The President of the United States (POTUS), the leader of the free world…”

I’ve always had a profound hatred for that statement. Popularised in American television and movies, and echoed throughout the ‘free’ US media, this barrage of US domination is relentless. Who made POTUS (and by extension the USA as a whole) my leader? I sure as heck didn’t vote for him (and soon probably her.) Did POTUS ask me if they could decide for me? Or engage in my country’s foreign policy decisions? Or even worse, get involved in our kerfuffles with our neighbours?

No. They didn’t. But they do so anyway. “‘Cause..´Murica!!”

I’ve recently been watching a TV series called ‘Scandal’. It’s based on the US president and all his minions and the nonsense they get up to. Most of which is illegal and at the expense of innocent people, but what does it matter, cause what they are doing is either “necessary” in their individual quests for power, or for the “safety and security of the United States.” Because that justifies everything, right?

Now although this is a fictional program, I’ve always strongly believed that what we see on TV is just a fictional representation of what is more than likely true (and probably far worse) in governments across the world. A bunch of power hungry mongrels doing their utmost best to decide how we should live our lives. It happens the world over, but the Americans are particularly guilty of this. Well, at the very least because it’s more easily viewed by the world in general.

They roam the world with their extensive army, air force, and navy, and wreak havoc under the banner of “freeing the world from tyranny”. All the while the corporations’ sweep in after the fact, rape and pillage lands for all their resources, and then rinse and repeat. At one stage in the middle of last century, Latin America was quickly becoming a communist haven, and the Yanks didn’t like it. So they employed a now common tactic of convincing their own people through a corrupted media mouthpiece that this is somehow a threat to the US blah blah blah and it must be stopped, and then they move a few chess pieces around via the CIA and magically things change. Failing that, some new grand enemy is created, and in the end, they get what they want anyway.

Ok, so that account may not have been completely historically accurate but it’s basically how things have gone. And it’s wrong.

Today I watched the Presidential Candidate debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, that aired on 26 September 2016. I watched this horrific dog show of what was effectively middle-age school children throwing largely inaccurate insults at each other for 90min. While doing so, they mentioned how peace in the Middle East needs to be reached, and for the first time, I found myself agreeing with one of them. Trump of all people. The point was that the US should never have been there in the first place. Why were they there? Well, if you care to dig a little, it’s because of oil, and general control. Hillary griped about the fact that the US is trying to stop other nations from gaining nuclear abilities. By in large, I agree, that more nuclear-armed countries are a bad thing. However, she didn’t say a damn thing about the US reducing their ridiculous stockpile of nuclear arms. Just watch this fantastic video by ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’ noting the insane amount of nuclear weapons the US has, and even worse, how they’re managed! It only takes 1 nuke to screw the world, not the 4,804 (as of 2014, as per said video) they currently have.

So where am I going with this? Nowhere in particular. But what I do want to impress upon the world is to as far as humanly possible, push back against this kind of oppression that is falling on more and more countries as each day goes by. Because the more our nations become ‘friends’ with the mighty US, the more we are under their thumb. And then they will be our leader, but we won’t be so free.

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