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The year of the Linux desktop and it’s journo haters

So for years now, tech journos flippantly mock what is arguably the most relevant Operating System (OS) in use today. But why? Probably cause the average human has no idea what it is, or where it’s used. But how do they mock it exactly? They constantly say “could this year be the year of the Linux desktop? Will we finally replace Windows and macOS on our laptops?”, and then follow that up with laughter, jokes, and mockery. But I ask again, why?

Well, I believe their reasoning is because they still feel it’s not a mainstream OS, with little-to-no support or user base. Now, while there is a rather small user base among desktop users, there is a lot of support for it, both in software and user support. Pretty much everything you could want to do in Windows or macOS can be done in Linux. The biggest downfall, however, is gaming.

So why should they not be mocking Linux? It’s used EVERYWHERE!! It’s running the back-end of every major service. It’s in fact so important that even Microsoft, previously one of the most vocal haters, has even facilitated it’s installation now within Windows 10. That is saying something! This website is hosted on a Linux server. The server in your workplace? 95% chance it’s running on Linux. Best software development platform? Yip, it’s Linux. What about Android or Chrome OS? Linux based too.

What about macOS? Well not technically Linux, but it is Unix based. If you have ever used macOS and then Linux, you’d notice a striking resemblance. Just go ahead, try it.

So back to my beef with journos. What is their problem?

Personally, I believe it’s a feeling of elitism. The stereotypical Mac/iPhone user that turns up their nose at everyone and everything that is not in their realm of awesomeness. The average Linux user isn’t sitting in a coffee shop, with a hipster haircut, writing a novel or a social justice blog post arguing about something or other they would never get their hands dirty in defending.

This is not to say that Mac users are horrible people, or that writing blogs is a bad thing. However, taking a cat-sized dumb on the one OS that is powering the world’s network infrastructure is fairly damn arrogant. The Linux desktop is more than capable of being your everyday OS. Sure it would involve a learning curve, but no more than moving from Android to iPhone or vice versa.

I personally am not using Linux as my everyday OS currently, mostly due to my need for an OS that fully supports my gaming habits. But I would happily return to it in a heartbeat if I ever get over this addiction.

If you have no idea what I’m even on about, do yourself a favour and download an Ubuntu Live USB and play around a bit to see what you’re missing out on. You don’t even have to install it, and it will work on any Windows or Mac system.

Give it a go, and believe the haters.

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